Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SA vs G20

We played two shows last weekend.. The two last ones until the Paul Collins gig in August. The one on Friday was at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal with Steve Adamyk Band. They sounded really fucking great. Everyone should buy their Speed It Up 7". There might be a copy left at Sonik (on Duluth) but I'm not 100% sure. Anyways, get on it! It's one of those records that'll get you off the couch so many times to flip it from side to side it's gonna make you feel okay about the bacon poutine you're eating.

We played another one with Steve Adamyk the next day in Toronto, along with First Base and the Nymphets. It's no secret to most smart people that the Nymphets are a very awesome band but if you do not know First Base, they absolutely rule as well. Very, very catchy bubble-gum pop punk stuff. It's what I've been listening to the most in the last couple of days. Anyways, the show was alright... The G20 took a big hit on the turn-out though, paralyzing most of the downtown area (burning cop cars, riots, rubber bullets fired in crowds, etc: casual shit, you know)... so the show was a little under-attended but it's all good. It was fun regardless. The venue's sweet too (Parts & Labour).

Here's a few pics our friend Gord Ball took last Friday...

- max

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