Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall blows...

It's been a while since we updated the blog.. First, we're proud to announce that the repress of our LP is out now on two awesome German labels: Sabotage and Taken By Surprise Records! If you don't have one already, get one now!

So it's been a busy last couple of weeks.. lots of song writing and recording for the new album and for a split 7" with Steve Adamyk.. and lots of doing fuck all; november sucks here in canada -> rain, winds, movember, depressed people everywhere. Anyways, the split's gonna come out on P.Trash at some point in the next couple of weeks/months to promote our tour in Europe in the Spring. So we're looking fwd to this.

As far as local shows are concerned, the next one we have on our agenda is a steamin' rager on december 28th at Katacombes in Montreal with the White Wires, Mother's Children, City Sweethearts, Bators. See you there!

One last thing... if anyone owns a Tascam 388 and wants to get rid of it, i want it! message me at maxime_desharnais@yahoo.ca.