Sunday, August 22, 2010

Power Pop Weekend + SOLD OUT album on Going Gaga Records!

Holy macaroni, last weekend was in-sa-ne. We had the chance to play 2 gigs with Paul Collin's Beat along with Mother's Children and the Walnut Kids. Sounds fun? You bet! It was just like when you were 15, drinking peach schnapps and eating a stack of pizza pockets with the new Playboy of the month in hand while your parents were out of town... maybe even better than that?

The Friday show was at Babylon in Ottawa. What a great city with the coolest, rock'n'rollest, nicest dudes ever. We always have a good time there... The Walnuts Kids were killer. Get their 7" on Going Gaga Records if it hasn't completely sold out yet. Mother's Children were absolutely jaw droppingly tight and fun. They also played a bunch of new songs, which highlighted their high productivity and consistency in coming up with solid tunes. Their new S/T album on Deranged is greaatttt stuff btw! Once the opening bands were done heating up the room (literally), it was Paul Collin's turn! Wow, the man is a pop machine. It was hit after hit just like Rocky vs Apollo. People were jumping, crowd surfing and rocking with their fists way high during the hour-or-so-long set. What a treat that night was!

Luckily, the hangover knob wasn't too high the next morning; maybe a 6.5/10, except for Jamie who scored a big 9. Good work! Before we headed back home, we went for a swim at a really cool river in Wakefield with all the bands and the Ottawa crew. Scene: a nice bunch of "ripped" "athletes" drinking beers and smoking cigarettes slipping off flat rocks into the lake with jeans as bathing suits. Very classy... Anyways. The show that night was in Montreal at a newish venue, The Pound, which is a byob loft (which = awesome). The show was very much the same as the one the previous night: good attendance, killer bands, crowd surfing, beer-towers, Paul, Juancho, Tim and Chris rocking and power popping hard! Definitely a weekend to remember with one of our heroes, Paul Collins! Thanks to Oliver and Matthew who organized that party... and I guess most of the Canadian leg of the PCB's North Am tour.

Now... On different subject, our album on Going Gaga Records is now completely SOLD OUT!!! We're proud to announce that it is going to be repressed and released in Europe this fall by both Taken By Surprise and Sabotage Records in Germany. We're really stoked!

Also we're gonna be touring Europe this fall with our friends in the Steve Adamyk Band. Check them out, they have released a bunch of 7" on a few german labels (P.Trash, Red Lounge, Taken By Surprise and more)! Touring dates will be up soon!